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Right now, more than ever, New Hanover County needs leadership. Not so long ago, this was a community where a small business could open and thrive. However, since the financial collapse of 2007 which ushered in the great recession, we have watched our community suffer with persistent unemployment and a somewhat sluggish real estate market. In some ways, we are not the thriving community we were only a decade ago. But we can be again.

Derrick Hickey is a constitutional conservative republican running for County Commissioner because he is passionate about New Hanover County and all that it has to offer, and is committed to leading our county forward to better times. Derrick believes the road map to prosperity for our county is based on interrelated themes based on individual freedom and liberty.

Fiscal Responsibility

- Leading the initiative to eliminate wasteful spending and to "right-size" county government.
Smart Economic Growth

- Removing impediments to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Make our county inviting to small and large business alike while preserving the free market.
Maintaining Our Waterways & Beaches

- Maintaining our inlets, waterways, beaches and other features of our county that make our community so unique.
Improving Education

- Cultivating a stronger working relationship between the County Commission and the Board of Education to maximize educational resources and improve educational achievement.
Improving Community Safety

- We have seen an increase in violent crime in our community. Wilmington currently has a violent crime rate of 5.68 per 1000 residents. This translates to roughly a 1 in 176 chance that you will become a victim of a violent crime. This is much higher than the NC rate of 3.53 and the national rate of 3.9. Ensuring our area is safe is critical to the positive growth of our area. To do this, we must work collaboratively with our school system and each branch of local law enforcement to reduce gang violence and crime.